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Oita Airport Taxi Council

  • KK Gotaku TEL:0978-67-1234
  • Daiichi Koutsu TEL:0978-67-0143
  • Minato Taxi TEL:0978-72-1234
  • Airport City Taxi TEL:0978-68-1151

*If you plan to use after the evening, we recommend that you book a taxi in advance. Available at each taxi company.
*Please contact the taxi company for information on courses and fees for jumbo taxis, large vehicles, and tourist taxis.

Taxi fare table from Oita Airport to major destinations

Fixed fares taxi is a service that allows you to use a specified fare for a specified section in advance. You can know the fare before taking a taxi, so you can use it with confidence. (*1)
There is a separate fare setting when a public discount (disabled person, etc.) is applied.
Rate classification Destination Standard-sized car Time required Route Expressway toll
Fixed fares
Oita Station ¥16,900 About 60 minutes Using expressway Oita IC
¥13,400 About 65 minutes Using general roads
Yufuin Station ¥15,100 About 52 minutes Using expressway Yufuin IC
Approximate fares Beppu City
(Beppu Station)
¥11,410 About 40 minutes Using general roads
Nakatsu City
(Nakatsu Station)
¥20,590 About 90 minutes Using expressway Usa IC
¥17,840 About 90 minutes Using general roads
Saiki City
(Saiki Station)
¥29,500 About 120 minutes Using expressway Saiki IC

Revised February 1, 2020

  • Estimated taxi fares do not include expressway tolls.

Taxi Fare Chart from Oita Airport

Destination Standard-sized car Time required Route
Oita Sports Park Stadium ¥19,550 65minutes Expressway use
Kitsuki Station ¥6,350 25minutes
Kunisaki ¥3,300 15minutes
Taketatsu Port (Suonada Ferry) ¥10,640 50minutes
Imi Port (Himeshima Village Ferry) ¥9,880 45minutes
Hiji ¥8,080 30minutes
Bungo-takada ¥11,410 50minutes
Usa ¥16,180 60minutes Expressway use
Usuki ¥24,190 80minutes Expressway use
Tsukumi ¥25,940 90minutes Expressway use
Bungo-ono ¥25,900 100minutes Expressway use
Taketa ¥27,020 110minutes Expressway use
Kokonoe ¥18,790 60minutes Expressway use
Kusu ¥20,950 70minutes Expressway use
Hita ¥27,520 90minutes Expressway use
  • The fare may change more or less depending on road conditions and other factors.
  • Estimated taxi fares do not include expressway tolls.